NA Industriservice AB


We are offering installation, service and maintenance for industrial machinery. Today we are focused on the industrial laundry business and cranes & gantries.

But regardless of what industrial business your company resides in, do not hesitate to contact us for any type of service onto your machinery.








2016-08-15 we will start a service and sales cooperation with Botved Systems A/S.
NA Industriservice AB handles and is thus responsible for Botved Systems A/S installations and service in the Swedish market.

With Botved Systems A/S as a partner, we can now also offer the sale of spare parts and accessories for most machines in the industrial laundry.

NA Industriservice AB has since the start wanted to stand for continuity, quality and knowledge. With those guiding principles we wanted to be the first business in our customers thoughts when selecting their service provider.
As we unite our and Botved Systems A/S experience and opportunities is the objective that the choice should be obvious.

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